Upgrading Your Mental Operating System

Gary Weber recounts a moment of realization — his mind was full of crap. Here he talks about a possible remedy — upgrading his mental operating system. He describes the current OS as HS 1.0 (homo sapiens 1.0) and expresses the hope that perhaps it’s possible to make an upgrade. He describes HS 1.0 as, in the language of software “malware, crapware, bloatware”.

I started looking at my current operating system. We know our OS. Very poor signal-noise ratio, high bandwith consumption, high energy consumption, stress generating — nothing much good about it. This is about 76,000 years old. We broke off from chimpanzees 6 million years ago. This “I” that we have, this egoic system, is relatively new.

If you’re familiar with Weber, you’ll know that he had a remarkable experience about 15 years ago, which he shares in the video. Here, he shares his thoughts about freedom from thoughts, and how this state might be achieved more quickly than 20,000 hours of various practices.

Addendum: After re-reading this I thought it could use a little more explanation. One might reasonably ask, “Why would I want to get rid of my thoughts? How would I function without thoughts?” Weber actually isn’t realty talking about all thoughts. He is referring to a specific class of thoughts, basically thoughts about self. These are the thoughts that we have when we are not actively engaged in something. They tend to be about the past or the future. In other words, they are moments when we are not present. Weber makes a case that such thoughts are a useless energy drain, and that not having them enhanced his life. Many other basic cognitive functions continued without them. Worth a viewing.


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