The Mighty Avalanche of Hype (or Does Mindfulness Mean Anything?)

4514493182_b23f431199_zphoto by biblioteca general antonio machado (creative commons)

Really nice, succinct piece on the hype surrounding mindfulness on the 13.7 Cosmos and Culture section of the NPR website. It covers:

  • The issue of hype
  • the issue of non-objectivity (author is a meditator)
  • the problem of definition (which definition of mindfulness?)
  • the two kinds of critics, 1 – concern about the validity of research (at this point it’s really worth reading the article — there are some great, thoughtful, critical quotes about the science and the way it’s portrayed in the media)
  • the two kinds of critics, 2 – concern about authenticity of practice (more great quotes! Just go read the article, already!) and how Buddhist meditation has become watered down into “tepid self help”.
  • The uneasy compromise – it may not help in the way or to the depth that one would prefer, but some people find great benefit to mindful practice. So why not?

Solid piece of thoughtful, informed writing.


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Clinical Psychologist practicing in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

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