Happiness Beyond Thought – Gary Weber

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I think what’s so curious about Gary Weber is he’s not really religious, but he’s not really secular either. He diligently practices from a number of traditions, Rinzai Zen, Advaita chanting, yoga, and if you can accept the idea of progress in these practices, he has made some remarkable progress. He clearly looks for ways to lose himself in ritual. He makes a point of stressing that each person needs to find a practice that works for her. He’s very pragmatic and without pretension. He also describes a very curious experience of having his thoughts stop — not all thoughts, but self-referential, future/past thoughts. Whether you accept that this is an enlightenment experience or non-dual, or just something along the way — it’s fascinating. His website, happiness-beyond-thought.com includes many resources, including:

Quite an interesting guy.

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Clinical Psychologist practicing in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

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