Break the Cycle! (of Compulsive Thought)

photo by LUH 3417 (creative commons)
photo by LUH 3417 (creative commons)

Stop Being a Victim of Compulsive Thinking.¬†MeditationSHIFT is one of my favorite sites for musings mindful. They consistently and fruitfully mine the same territory — don’t fall victim to your thinking mind — don’t get lost in compulsive thinking, or “stop following your mind wherever it leads.” So often we take for granted that we are in control of our minds. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

 This is the essence of mindfulness and meditation. They are practices that allow you to cultivate awareness of your compulsive mind and its non-stop activity. They help you develop the skill of noticing it all without getting caught up in it. They train you to move your attention away from the mental drama instead of indulging it.

As such, you are no longer victim to the next thought, emotion, or urge that pops into your head. And, you break the cycle of conditioned behavior that culminates in unskillful decisions, actions, and reactions.