Recommended Website: meditationSHIFT

5150224936_5549de1636_zPhoto by Kah Wai Sin (collective commons)

Here’s a great website I’d never heard of before, meditationSHIFT. They take a studiously non-religious stance (“What we teach isn’t something mystical. It won’t conflict with your religious or philosophical beliefs. And, you don’t have to sit in an uncomfortable, cross-legged position.”), yet are clearly conversant with Buddhist terms. Here’s a very nice post: Equanimity and impermanence.

What strikes me is their very down-to-earth approach to thoughts, and how meditation can change our relationship to thoughts. From their front page:

“Our minds are compulsive. They narrate the world around us, commenting on and judging everything (including ourselves). They constantly produce thoughts, emotions, urges, and stories that play on a loop in our heads. All of us carry around the effects of this non-stop mental noise. We get weighed down with worry, fear, doubt, and regret. We struggle with stress, anxiety, and depression. Relationships suffer. Work suffers. Health suffers. We suffer. And our minds drone on and on. There is a way out, though.”

There’s lots to uncover on their website. Take a look at meditationSHIFT.



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